Welcome to Rishon LeZion

Rishon LeZion – one of Israel’s most surprising, multifaceted and interesting cities.  It’s modern, innovative, and buzzes with activity.  Yet it also offers stunningly rich history.  You'll find thriving centers of entertainment and leisure activities, expansive areas of natural vistas, and a fascinating historical heritage of international importance.  Add to all these our breathtaking promenade, areas dedicated to children’s activities and family oriented outings, exhibitions, shows, festivals and an abundance of attractions suited to every age
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Between Two Lakes
This is exactly what’s meant by “wondrous”… if you want to wander and breathe fresh air, all options are open. You’ll find the lake’s shades of blue shades in the west, the charming beauty of the ravine lake, the eucalyptus grove in the ecological park, and a short drive away is Palmahim Beach, which has remained in its original pristine-wild state
The Wild West
Who could believe that such a jewel of nature actually began as a municipal runoff reservoir, over time becoming a unique “blue eye.”  The lake in west Rishon LeZion, hidden away for years, came to the public’s attention when the city’s vast cinematic centers were constructed
Ravenous?  Picnic at Ravine Lake
Ravine Lake, south of the main lake in the west, is a natural gem, hidden by shrubs.  Stunningly pastoral compared to the city’s bustle
Note:  It is absolutely prohibited to enter the water.
Where?  Southwest Rishon LeZion, adjacent to Yes Planet
The Ecological Park
100 years after the eucalyptus grove was planted to obstruct the sands from the west continuing to creep into Rishon LeZion’s orchards, the grove has become a vast ecological park over 35 dunams (almost 9 acres) of eucalyptus and tamarisks
Where?  Neveh Yam neighborhood, between Avraham Bar and Avnei Hahoshen Streets
Palmahim Beach
South of Rishon LeZion, about 15 minutes’ drive away, is Palmahim Beach, considered one of the most beautiful and natural in all Israel, one of the last still in its pristine wild state